NaNoWriMo Reason for Monday: If Whiney Writer Can Do It, So Can I

Yesterday I talked about how much fun it is to have a community of people all playing the same wildly creative game. Because it’s wildly creative, we learn to laugh in the face of our common experiences. Grappling with the muse can be like wrestling a slippery octopus, and humor is a reasonable response to the absurdities that arise. I have a friend who says, “Only the truth is funny.” We find something funny when we recognize our own experience in it, and so having the insider’s view makes this even funnier:

There are three more videos coming about Whiney Writer’s NaNoWriMo experience, coming Nov 10, 20, and 30th. (You can find them at The Wild Writers or on You Tube.

Whiney Writer is also blogging about her experience with NaNoWriMo over at The Wild Writers. Today she’s talking about getting ready. Be sure to check back with her on November 28 to see how she’s doing.

Meanwhile, go write that novel!

4 Responses to “NaNoWriMo Reason for Monday: If Whiney Writer Can Do It, So Can I”

  1. Cheryl Reifsnyder Says:

    So, are you on the NaNo site? What’s your NaNo name? I want to buddy with you!

    :) Cheryl

  2. Laura Deal Says:

    I will find you, Cheryl!

  3. Joanne Says:

    HI Laura-
    Waiting for the NaNoWriMo update. Also by the way, you rock!

  4. Laura Deal Says:

    Thanks, Joanne! I “won,” meaning I got my 50,000 words, though it was harder this year than it’s been before. I was happy with what I got and even happier to move on to other projects in December!

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